Superpowers, superheroes and the history of the future — experience of a Lego Serious Play workshop

28 iul. 19
Lego Serious Play | Atelierul de Idei

Lego Serious Play is a powerful problem solving and strategy development methodology, which I am proud to be able to facilitate. The “beauty” of the method is that it is so adaptable that it could be used from C-level executive rooms to pre-teenager groups. Which is exactly that I do…

LEGO® Serious Play® is a technique for thinking, communicating and solving problems using models built with LEGO® bricks. These models are used as 3D metaphors for interaction between participants, where all participants express their point of view in response of a series of open questions posed by the facilitator. They do this by constructing a model and then telling how this model represents the answer to the question posed by the facilitator.

This not only guarantees that everybody participate (everyone builds and everyone talks), but prevents participants from lining up beyond others’ opinion expressed, guaranteeing better ideas and more rich possible solutions.

Serious Play = Serious Results

The challenge of my workshop was to apply strategic thinking to a group of teenagers (13 years old), facing one of their most important decisions in their life so far: deciding which high-school to attend next year and properly focusing their efforts toward this goal. They were all in the same class and have known each other for at least 3 years.

For workshop description, insights gained and conclusions about what I would do different the next time, please visit my Medium page.

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