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06 mart. 20
Management 3.0 Practice

Join us next week on 12 March 2020 at the official kick-off event of Digital Innovation Zone, the first Digital Innovation Hub in North East Romania.

It is a not-for-profit project, a community of people, businesses, startups, education, research & innovation organisations willing to collaborate and step even further into the digital world.


  • Build a place where you can find all the resources that will help your business become more COMPETITIVE, INNOVATIVE, DIGITAL, AGILE
  • Become a business growth enabler
  • Strength the innovation ecosystem
  • Help SMEs to grasp the digital opportunities providing access to the latest knowledge, expertise and technology, business and financing support to implement these innovations.
  • Offer them access to different sectors of activity through clusters
  • Create and implement regional strategies along with our partners

Atelierul de Idei is one of the project initiators, along with Agentia de Dezvoltare Regionala Nord Est, Grapefruit, Webmagnat, Sigma App Dev, Codecamp, Strongbytes, and regional clusters and academia.

Our specific contribution will be to help implement an innovation framework for local companies, in order to scale up their digital skills.

There is a pilot project that we are part of, focused on 5 different companies from 5 business sectors. We will work in a social innovative business model, where part of the project costs will be covered by project partners, in order to develop, together with the participanting companies, 3 business cases that can be further implemented with the support of the hub's members know-how.

Gijs van Wulfen, the founder of FORTH Innovation Method, talking about Digital Innovation Zone project

We aim to support local communities for durable development and social innovation projects, and this is one of them!

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