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06 mart. 20

Just received in our e-mail inbox:

Thanks for joining this global initiative. You are one of the 450+ facilitators in over 60 countries who enrolled in the largest LSP workshop collaboration ever and your active participation has the potential to generate a great impact.
How cool is that!!!

Since we are members of the Association of Master Trainers of the LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® , we are going to be part of a Global Initiative on 22nd April 2020 - World Earth Day!!!

We are facing an ambitious exercise by tackling one of the most crucial topics of our times - Climate Change - by generating dialogue and collecting a global report.

Climate Change is one of the biggest topics of our time, truly impacting every community & country around the world.
For young people, the impact may be the largest, as they will inherit the earth. At the same time, we live in an era where real dialogues between people are quite scarce. Listening to each other and trying to understand points of view that are so different than your own appears to be quite hard.

The global community of facilitators, certified by the Association of Master Trainers of the LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY®
method is organizing a Young People’s Global Dialogue on Climate Change. Via the LSP method we want to enable a deep dialogue on the future of the Earth among young people across different age groups and attitudes.


The objective is to understand:
• The individual perspectives of young people on their future, related to climate: what is going on with the earth that you notice/experience and that you don’t like or worry about?
• Their drivers & barriers: what gives them hope, what gives them fear & what will drive them (or not) to change: what is their WHY?
• What kind of promise or commitment are they willing and/or able to make to themselves (if at all)?
• What is needed to create change and change makers?

Each workshop will have a similar setup with 6 to 9 young people with different attitudes toward the topic of Climate Change (active - passive - doubting). A single workshop is focusing on one of these three main age groups: younger adolescents (10-14 years) - older adolescents (15-18 years) and young adults (19-24 years).


Over 400 workshops across all continents will provide a wealth of information, insights and understanding. The key results are aimed at:

Creating awareness about and among young people on the topic of Climate Change and better understand what does or doesn’t drive them to make a personal change.
• Letting youngsters learn from others in order to create a better understanding.
• Creating a report for interested third parties (government, NGO’s, education, environmental, etc…) that shows what’s in the head of over 3,000 young people on the topic of Climate Change.
This is a completely pro-bono, independent and non-affiliated project. All participating facilitators are offering their time, expertise and energy for free. We have one mutual ultimate beneficiary: MOTHER EARTH.

Global Facilitator Event
Over 450 facilitators globally, tackling Climate Change on 22nd April 2020

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