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28 aug. 19

“My most recent project, Iasi based innovation & creativity facilitation boutique – Atelierul de Idei, was born out of my passion for alternative education and out of my visceral need to do things differently, to think laterally. Atelierul de Idei facilitates development of innovative ideas, in teams, corporate organisations or start-ups, using an international method, scientifically proven to double the efficiency of the innovation process. I am talking about the FORTH innovation method, in which, in 2018, I obtained an international certification as innovation facilitator. I am proud to say that there are globally only around other 160 colleagues that passed this very rigorous training process. Through Atelierul de Idei I bring clarity to team process, either it is concerning the organisation systemic innovation, guide in process innovation or idea generation workshops.

 The techniques that I am using or I am about to integrate in my workshops are modern tools, all with scientific background, as Agile Management, LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® , design thinking, liberating structures, etc. Learning is serious business, and lateral and creative thinking that I intend to stir in my training participants is actually a needed adaptability response to the VUCA environment we live in.

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