24 Nov 2019 | Premium Workshop: What's your kind of Super-Hero?

19 oct. 19
Lego Serious Play Atelierul de Idei workshop super hero

A premium Session of LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® : the most powerful experiential voyage of self-discovery for creative talent development. Spoiler alert: plenty of Lego bricks available.

Challenge yourself, experience thinking in 3D and use the power of play to discover your personal strength, challenges, next choices. All of this will be done following steps of a hero's journey, that states that:

  • every transformation journey starts with a quest: "What do you want to achieve?";
  • it starts from the known world to the unknown world: "Do you know what will happen tomorrow?;
  • you face challenges, barriers, monsters and fairies that help you get through: "What are you inner super-powers?";
  • and you return to the known world a little bit transformed.

Your take-out: a 3D powerful and creative understanding of next steps in your personal development, 100% designed by you, for you. The facilitator is acting only as a guide for the process.

This workshop is for you if:

  • you are focused on self-discovery and inner talent development;
  • you look for orientation and priorities, as new manager, career seeker, mid-career professional and not only;
  • you work in HR, learning & development, UX/UI , marketing and want to experience a creative way of thinking and understanding;
  • Professionals in the educational field - such as trainers, facilitators, coaches ... - in search of new disruptive tools to help people facing change and personal development

Lego® Serious Play® is a facilitated method for strategic decision-making and problem-solving in complex environments designed to enhance team development, personal transformation and business performance. Its goal is fostering creative thinking by building experiential metaphors or personal / group identities, aspirations and experiences using Lego® bricks as a catalyst.

Our identity is a story . The one we have told ourselves so many times that we have ended up believing in it blindly.

So, how to stop it and start believing we can actually change?

Well, in order to change ourselves we first need to change that story . But that would require a stronger, shaking, transforming one.

Here lies the power of the Lego Serious Play .

Event powered by FabLab Iasi & Eventway. Limited tickets available.

More details at office@atelierul-ideilor.ro. Invoice will be issued immediately after ticket payment.

Facilitator: Cristina Baghiu, experienced strategy facilitator and innovation consultant, certified Lego Serious Play, FORTH Innovation, design thinking.

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