Customised on-line courses for your team’s needs

Do you need to move in on-line your onboarding & learning experience for your employees? You have many ideas but few internal capabilities? Trust us to design & deliver 100% customised on-line courses for your business needs, for your team to focus just on learning.

We use our e-learning platform, integrate Management 3.0 and Agile practices and create engaging content, fully suited to online delivery.

Contact us at , to simplify your internal learning & development strategy!

Open community for freelancers

Are you a freelance facilitator or a trainer with great ideas waiting to be moved to on-line delivery? Do you have ideas but less time and resources?

We share our best knowledge on the subject, help you design and deliver your customised on-line lessons, host you on our platform and even support you with Pay by Card integration and invoicing.

You will be part of our community, fully committed to overcome together the post-COVID period.

Contact us at, then focus just on delivering great content!

We want to give you the tools and information needed to develop further your innovation projects.
Feel free to browse and download our ideas and watch our webinars.

Best results are always obtained with the perfect mix between your team of experts and the external facilitator, that acts as a guide throughout the process.

66 point innovation checklist | Atelierul de idei

66 point Innovation Checklist

Getting innovative ideas is a vague, risky and fuzzy process. It’s considered hard to do. That’s exactly why FORTH method gives clarity to the process. Connect creativity and business reality in five steps: Full Steam Ahead, Observe and Learn, Raise Ideas, Test Ideas and Homecoming. Here is a practical 66-point innovation checklist to help you.
Business Model Canvas Atelierul de idei

Business Model Canvas

THE BUSINESS MODEL CANVAS is a management template for developing new or documenting existing business models. A new business model starts with customer friction, i.e., any relevant need or wish from a specific customer segment that is not sufficiently satisfied. This is the basis for an innovative business model. We like to mix it with Lego Serious Play for double power.
New Business case sheet | Atelierul-de-Idei

Mini new business case sheets

Innovation means transforming ideas into invoices. This is why your main focus as an innovator should be to align all constraints, expectations and moon shooting towards the ultimate goal: bringing value to your organisation.
Agile People

Agile People - Learning about OKRs

Agile people Online Practice workshop is giving you a set of concrete practices for remote teams leadership, in an Agile way. Watch the video below about implementing OKRs as a way to improve team performance versus individual performance, in an inspiring way.
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Management 3.0 personal maps

Management 3.0 - Personal Maps

Management 3.0 Online Practice workshop is giving you a set of concrete practices for remote teams leadership, in an Agile way. Watch the video below about using Personal Maps for reducing social distance and better unerstanding of our team mates.
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Agile People

Free Course: Employee Engagement - The Agile Way

Take this FREE ONLINE Course to sample our Agile People curriculum about employee motivation, Reiss Motivation Profile and much more!
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Delegation Poker Management 3.0

Management 3.0 - Delegation Poker

Management 3.0 Online Practice workshop is giving you a set of concrete practices for remote teams leadership, in an Agile way. Download your own spreadshit to play online Delegation Poker with your team.
Agile HR Survey 2021

Primul studiu al Agilității în HR din România

În colaborare cu Learning Network, am realizat în trimestrul 1 2021 un studiu al gradului de pregătire pentru Agilitate în echipele de HR din România.

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