Employee Engagement – the Agile way

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Agile Employee Engagement – Sprinting to a Better Workplace Experience

The Agile approach produces better and quicker-to-market computer programs, mobile apps, etc… by leveraging an iterative process where teams self-organize, direct their own work and make timely, pertinent enhancements via continual inspection and feedback.

The Agile method doesn’t rely on an annual survey that burdens certain individuals to find a few ‘silver bullets’ to appease everyone. It energizes the entire workforce to be an active part of the solution.

Wouldn’t this be a major step towards a much-improved overall Employee Experience?


Basic knowledge of HR related practices in the workplace

Course will be taught in English and Romanian

What is the target audience?

This course is intended for anyone interested in learning basic employee engagement tools in an Agile setting.

This course is aimed at beginners, so no previous experience with Agile is necessary

Section 1: Introduction to Agile in Human Resources

1. Welcome to the Course!
2. Course Introduction and Manual

Section 2: Employee Engagement – Traditional Approach vs Agile Approach

3. Best Practices
4. Tool Explained – Reiss Motivation Profile
5. Quizz test
4 questions

Section 3: Conclusions and Evaluation

7. Hands-On Practices on Agile Employee Engagement
7.Self Assesment of Motivation Profile

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